Roaming Entertainment


Aerial Dance

A great way for guests to break the ice, get the conversation flowing while adding a fun, visual and interactive element to your event. Makes for a natural roaming photo booth for event memories to take home too.

Whether it's on the floor or halfway into the air with spectacular stilts, our characters are themed to work with your event with bespoke costumes and new ideas developed on request. Plus our raoming acts can be booked on the same event as aerial shows for added entertainment, visual appeal, theming and value.

Choose from our Roaming Menu with 1 x 60mins, 2 x 45mins or 3 x 30mins walkabout sets to suit your event schedule.

Clown Mime Trio - Highly interactive adventures with acrobatic clown street performance and French styling for European flavoured family fun.  

Raquettes - Interactive oversized tennis match happily recruiting ball girls and ball boys as they go. Fantastic for physical kids who love to play!

Circus Girls - Fun with colour and bubbles especially loved by babies and the young at heart for community events with carnival and circus themes.

VIVA Espana - Spanish stilt duo with ribbon dance and beautiful costuming.

Cowgirl - Long-legged country gal looking for a tall dance partner and a  hoedown line dance to step into.

Queen of Hearts - She's not to be messed with, but you'll have fun if you try! Great choice for Alice in Wonderland and Tea Party themes.

Sailor Sisters - Clean cut in white and blue - a salute to the nautical and  maritime at sea-faring events near you.

Lady in Red - A nod to Chinese culture with optional roaming red ribbon dance making it perfect for Chinese New Year.

Mrs Claus - Motherly Christmas cheer for festive season party nights.

Christmas Angels - Spreading love and joy to the world along with a light sprinkling of snow for extra magic.

Right Royal Family - Elegant walkabout and dancing for medieval fans, fayres and fanfares with up to three performers.