Aerial Performance

Live performance success has taken Michele and the Viva team around the world at high profile events in a wide range of venues and before royalty.

Packages include all technical elements including show rigging, equipment, OHS, public liability insurance and your choice of theming from our collection. We are happy to advise how we can maximise our impact at your event.

“A wonderful performance, your artistic ability and

attention to detail are formidable”

Susan Wetherall-King, Starlight Design

Choose from:

Silks and Hoop Acts - Clean and classic event highlight.

With beautiful lines and dramatic drops, aerial silks works beautifully in high venues, drawing the gaze upward. Aerial hoop is a great choice for lower venues where aerial performance space is limited. Silk and hoop acts can also be performed from cranes and free-standing rigs for outdoor events.

Pure Silk - An event highlight of strength, flexibility and grace.

Tightly choreographed multiple girl silk act for profile events in large venues. The act lasts 5-6 mins with the option to theme with your choice of recorded or live music from Taiko drumming to a string quartet or full orchestra.

“Your performance was a huge success. Thank you for the time, attention and care you took in the run up to and during the event.

The care you take shines through in your performance and

we are very proud to work  with you.

We look forward to working with you again soon"

Eleanor Richardson, The Angels Events

Ambient Performance - Create an ‘Eyes to The Skies’ moment as guests enter.

Ambient aerial sets on hoop, silk, trapeze or harness flying, freestyling to event sounds. Talk to us about a cost effective package with our multi-skilled performers by matching with aerial acts or stilts.

Aerial Waitressing - A great ice-breaker for any event.

Event drinks served by high flying performers. From an elegant champagne reception to fun and games with super-soakers, Aerial Waitresses take both service and drinking games to new heights. Available with up to 2 performers in harness or aerial hoops to suit your event space.

Viva's Slightly Strange Circus Spectacular

Roll Up to see the aerial and acrobatic delights, juggling jesters, fun and frolics in Viva's newest Family Circus show. Performed on a self-contained aerial rig, we just need a flat space and event PA with lights after dark to put on the show! Suitable for all ages, with a running time of 20 mins and up to 2 performances in a day and option of packaging with a circus skills workshop.

The Floating Jellyfish - Welcome to our Underwater World!

A truly unique statement piece for any under-the-sea themed event. Up to 5 magical, colour-changing sea creatures bobbing, dancing and spinning in the currents, entrancing and tantalising guests with their tendrils.

At the end of a captivating 20 minute floating aerial performance, each Jellyfish releases its beautiful Mermaiden onto dry land before raising back up creating all-night decor with an enchanting glow.

The Mermaiden mix, mingle and charm their way through the audience seeking their hearts' desire as an added character set. For extra theming, 3 additional decor Jellyfish are also available.